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Sep 18, 2007 at 09:13 PM

A pleasant surprise during this torturously hot and dry Georgia summer was the addition of Bull Sluice Lake to my fishing lineup. The flipside to Lake Lanier being lowered by ten feet this summer is that all of that water has to go somewhere after leaving Buford Dam.  And it all flows down the Chattahoochee, keeping Bull Sluice Lake at a comfortable level.

If you aren't familiar with Bull Sluice Lake (and, judging by the small number of people on the lake, very few Atlantans are), it's that portion of the Chattahoochee River between Roswell Road and Morgan Falls Dam.  Ahhh... Morgan Falls Dam.  I've mentioned Bull Sluice Lake to several long-time Atlantans and they all gave me a blank stare until I mentioned Morgan Falls Dam.

If you think the entire extent of the Hooch's course through Metro Atlanta consists of rocky shoals, shallow water, and high-priced homes crowding the riverbank, you'll be surprised if you put your boat into this section of the river.  The main channel runs from about four feet to over ten feet in depth, but it does meander back and forth between the shorelines, so if you have your outboard going, don't open up too much until you've learned the twists and turns.

There is only one boat ramp on Bull Sluice Lake, but there seems to always be plenty of trailer parking even on summer weekend afternoons.  Most users of the lake are rowers and sit-on-top kayakers.  I've seen a few speedboats and two adventerous souls had bass boats out, but for the most part I had the biggest boat with my 14-foot jon boat.  And that's one of the nice things about this lake, because you don't have to worry about being swamped by overpowered ski boats running at 60 mph twenty feet from you.


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